SafeTrack HOS is an intuitive and easy to use daily activities tracking and timekeeping application for covered service employees. Embedded program logic ensures regulatory compliance with 49 CFR Part 228 for each craft.

Also manage “conventional” employee activities and timekeeping. Integrate the application with your payroll accounting or enterprise

SafeTrack™ HOS includes a configurable General Orders, Bulletins and Notices module to allow a railroad to track the reading of such documents by the employees; also features an interface to create and update the documents, an employee portal to read/receive the same and a Supervisor interface to monitor who has not read/not read the documents

Product Features:

49 CFR Part 228 Compliant
Validation of all submitted tour data ensures correctness of records
Web-based application requires only an internet connection and a browser
Supervisor dashboard view provides work/rest status of all employees at a glance
Alerts for employees approaching consecutive days or 276 hr limits
Configure to track covered service and “conventional” employee time
Manages General Orders, Bulletins and Notices
All over-limit occurrences captured and logged for reporting
Tour amendment process ensures all changes are certified by named employee
Access to activity/time database with dynamic query filters for custom report generation
Access to system can be restricted to designated terminal computer(s) and to only rested employees

Time & Attendance

Capture arbitrary claims at tie-up
Time and attendance exports compatible with payroll processors.


Access to a complete set of on-line tutorials
Staffed help-desk to get rapid response to specific issues or questions