SafeTrack™ ensures compliance with testing and documentation requirements by providing a simple, streamlined graphic interface to facilitate the complete and accurate documentation of testing and training activities. All data entered into the SafeTrack forms is checked against validation criteria to ensure correctness. The SafeTrack system also comes with powerful database query tools to allow testing managers to check/verify testing history and review requirement due status for any employee or group of employees in the system.

In addition, SafeTrack™ complies with documentation requirements for 49 CFR Parts 217/218, 219, 232, 240/242, 243, and can be configured to support documentation/tracking for any set of regulations (OSHA, MSHA, etc). Furthermore, the system can track compliance across multiple railroads and is configurable with differing rules and compliance requirements at each operation.

Product Features:

Submitting Records

 Compatible with all laptop and tablet browsers
Enter multiple testing records simultaneously
All data validated before adding to records database
Requires an explanation for any failed test recorded
Real-time email notification of failed efficiency tests
Configurable progressive discipline menu (hides discipline options depending on previous failures)
Confirmation of any records submitted to the database
Highly configurable check ride form can be designed to match sequence of field evaluation form items
All forms designed to capture all data required by CFR 49 regulations
Durations captured for all training events
Supporting documents can be attached to any assessment record
Engineer and Conductor certifications validated to ensure testing records support 240/242 training and testing requirements
Manage decertifying events

Reviewing Records

Access to all records in assessment database with over 20 data filters for creating custom reports
All list views are sortable by clicking column headings and exportable to either .pdf or .xls file outputs
Views of last testing/training date and due status for each requirement, for each employee in the system
Robust set of pre-configured summary and status reports, including the Supervisor Scorecard (testing summary by testing supervisor), Shift Summary (testing summary by shift/day of week in a monthly calendar view), Follow-up Required (lists any failed efficiency tests requiring follow-up), and many others.
Any system reports can be delivered by email at a configurable frequency.
240/242 Certification Status report
240/242 Compliant Engineer and Conductor certification card output that allows multiple qualifications on a single card.


A complete set of on-line tutorials that can be referenced through system access
Staffed help-desk to get rapid response to specific issues or questions