SafeTrack™ is the market leading software tool for tracking efficiency testing in the shortline and regional railroad industry. The application provides complete flexibility in configuring craft requirements, a streamlined interface for quickly entering and querying testing data, an interface for viewing employee requirement due status and a powerful set of reporting capabilities.

SafeTrack™ HOS utilizes the SafeTrack employee database to track employee hours of service for freight/passenger T&E employees, as well as signal and dispatcher crafts. The HOS interface provides complete visibility of employee rest status and meets all requirements for 49 CFR Part 228 electronic record-keeping.

AssetPro™ Locomotive puts a collection of powerful tools at the user's finger tips. The application provides a graphical overview of status for all system locomotives, alerts for upcoming required maintenance and archives all maintenance and repair activity records.

AssetPro™ Signal provides a set of useful tools to help in the maintenance and documentation of inspections and testing. The application is fully configurable in setting testing frequencies and providing a dashboard view to indicate assets coming due for testing.

MaxAccel’s Trouble Ticket system functions as a standalone module used to record and track to resolution reported asset defects and daily operational problems. Or it can be used together with any AssetPro module to offer a completely integrated incident tracking and maintenance management solution.