SafeTrack Updates

Are you getting the most out of SafeTrack?  As many customers know, MaxAccel’s software tools continue to evolve with the needs of our users.  In the past year we have enhanced the application with a few capabilities that are sure to be valuable in managing your compliance.

New SafeTrack features:

Efficiency Testing Discipline module – This module provides a menu for selecting the level of discipline assigned to any efficiency test failure.  The menu is dynamic and can be configured to support your progressive discipline program by hiding discipline options, depending on the number of recent failures.  In addition, the functionality is presented with a link to display an employee’s testing outcome history to help in assignment of discipline.

Real-time email Notification of Efficiency Testing Failures – Any email address can now be configured to receive alert notifications as failed efficiency tests are entered into the system.

Supervisor Scorecard Configuration – The Supervisor Scorecard configuration has been enhanced to allow presentation of up to 20 columns of data and greater granularity in identifying the assessments to be tallied.

If any of these capabilities is of interest to you, please contact us through our help-desk to discuss setup.