AssetPro™ Signal Trouble Ticket integrates with the AssetPro™ Signal application, or as a standalone module, to record and track reported asset defects and daily operational problems. Easy data input, reminders and automated email notifications provide users the tools to efficiently manage any incident or issue to closure. Regulatory record-keeping requirements are fulfilled and report generation is completed quickly. Assign alert tickets to the proper staff for appropriate follow-up and accountability.

Product Features:

Create custom forms for recording Alert conditions on grade crossings, signals and track defects
Color coded view indicating aged alerts and alert status
Alert resolution manager final approval process
Easily query archive of alert records
Integrate with AssetPro Signal for Maintainer electronic certification of Alert resolution
View-only access showing only resolved alerts with final approval


Access to a complete set of on-line tutorials
Staffed help-desk to get rapid response to specific issues or questions