SafeTrack – Safety Training

Increasing regulatory requirements combined with complex and distributed operational environments makes managing Human Safety and organizational Training requirements harder to achieve in an efficient and productive manner.

SafeTrack is the solution you are seeking with its simple graphical interface, overall ease of use, flexibility and powerful reporting capabilities. Ensure Regulatory compliance while maximizing education and the enforcement of rules and best practices for all departments in your organization.

SafeTrack’s ease of use has proven for our customers to provide a safer working environment and improved safety culture. Fewer accidents and injuries translate into more money on your bottom line and less regulatory engagement. Improved productivity and effectiveness via streamlined electronic record keeping and administrative processes keeps Supervisors in the field managing people instead of paperwork.

•    Easily define, enforce and monitor complex safety and operational training program requirements
•    Quickly retrieve rules and best practices for briefings and observations by location, department or operation
•    Instantly access compliance requirements and employee status
•    Effectively measure and trend safety and training program performance
•    Simultaneously capture observations for multiple people on multiple rules
•    Automated employee tracking of failed tests to facilitate proper corrective action activities or discipline
•    Embedded test generator creates written tests, study guides and answer keys tied to rules and requirements
•    capabilities to Integrate rules and compliance requirements with standard LMS or course Management Systems